Modern Medics Main Features

Cloud Based:

Modern Medics is a Web-based solution with no downloading or new hardware requirements. This gives medical providers the capability to access prescribes directly from a mobile device.

Patient Records Management:

Add, View patient records and Manage Patient's Demographics.  Easily manage all patient data, including allergies, medications and other problems.  Read patient summaries of previous encounters and follow-up on referrals.

Smart Scheduler:

Manage patients appointments and quickly schedule patients with intuitive drag and drop interface.  Efficient scheduling allows you to optimize appointment density that improves access to care while reducing in-office wait times.


Modern Medics ePrescribe is a safe, secure and cost-effective solution to send prescriptions electronically via the Internet.  Build prescriptions for patients from within their chart.  ePrescribing means fewer phone calls between pharmacies and physicians regarding handwriting interpretation, non-covered drugs and prior authorization requirements. Prescriptions, whether new or refill requests, received electronically also reduce the time pharmacy and physician personnel spend entering data. Both benefits translate into more time for patient care.

Flexible Document Management and Notes:

Associate documents and Notes to a patients visit with built-in Powerful notes search.    Upload, edit, and sign documents directly into your patient’s chart.  Healthcare providers and organizations can capture, index, manage, store and retrieve electronic document files, including scanned documents and email, quickly and easily. 

iPad Add-on for Modern Medics Mobile:

A native iPad application, that puts essential clinical information at the fingertips of the mobile clinician for safe and efficient patient consultations and management.

Role based Security:

Individuals in the practice can be provided differing levels of access within the system. Roles may be designated for entering, changing, or viewing information for particular patients, particular groups of patients, or all patients.

ICD-9 & ICD-10 Coding:

ICD-9 & ICD-10 offers significant benefits in terms of clinical documentation, quality management, reimbursement, fraud detection, and ultimately improves quality of care. Laying the foundation for success requires a focus on clinical documentation.

Meaningful Use Support:

Modern Medics EHR provides a comprehensive solution consisting of the features and functionality you need to efficiently and effectively meet Meaningful Use requirements.


Modern Medics provides a comprehensive dashboard for its users especially the practitioners to have a bird’s eye view of the system to help them take better decisions in day to day administrative tasks.