A healthcare MSO is an organization to provide practice management and administrative support services to individual physicians and group practices. One purpose of MSOs  is to relieve physicians of non-medical business functions so that they can concentrate on the clinical aspects of their practice.

By utilizing Modern Medics as the service cloud web base EHR, it has the functionality as a case management interface to track patients level of care, and able to operate costly and efficiently, which would be passed on to the physicians.

HMO ( Health Maintenance Organization), IPA's

As an organization your mission is to provide the highest quality of care to every patient that you encounter, a patient satisfaction, and having timely management costs.

The institution of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010, states that all Medicare beneficiaries should have an annual wellness assessment, this indicates that you are targeting every member for any type of potential health risk to better manage patient with high co-morbidities.

Due to the busy schedules many of the providers have, they become limited with time in order to complete annual health risk assessments. NO WORRIES, Modern Medics has been established to help you perform on time with BUILT in tools. These tools are the necessary requirements to comply with Medicare guidelines, nevertheless to teach you to utilize the highest level of diagnosis (HCC coding), thus increasing your risk adjustment factor, which will boost your reimbursement.


Medical Providers are the most important part of an organization. The healthcare providers have enriched their training however the one thing that is often missing is the training of utilizing the highest level of diagnosis.

With the Modern Medics, you have been given the journey to invest your talents, such as enhancing your HCC coding and enabling the compliancy that ends with improving your revenue cycle.


Coding Company, House Call Company, Skilled Nursing Facility

With the health care reform and the increasing rate of the baby boomers the big companies are outsourcing to meet their demands to sustain their compliancy. With this shift, the small businesses are growing due to influx of demands in the healthcare system.

With Modern Medics, you will empower your company with our built cloud base electronic charting.